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Sonja Farling

Sonja Farling was born on the 17th of July in Helsinki Finland. Her parents were hard working entrepreneurs who taught Sonja the importance of hard work, persistence and patience.

Despite the strong entrepreneur roots, Sonja knew at a very young age that she wanted to be an actress. She had numerous demanding hobbies, which basically took all of her free time. Sonja still always managed to keep her school grades excellent. She hosted nearly all of her school’s events and made numerous performances on the stage of her school.

Sonja graduated as a bachelor of business administration in the year 2006. From this moment on she had excellent skills for marketing, economics and advertisement. No need to say these skills are never underestimated in the field of show business.

Sports have always played a major part in Sonja’s life. Be it horse back riding, dancing, martial arts or track and field, she mastered them all.

The most crucial and significant leap towards Sonja’s career as a performer and an actress happened when she co- founded the dance group Players in Finland. She performed in various events as a dancer, promoter and hostess. Throughout this activity she was introduced to the Finnish television industry and had many appearances in the national TV network.

Sonja has also worked both in finnish and foreign movie industry both with captivating drama roles as well as dynamic action heroine. She also had a significant role in the Finnish Red Nose Day gala, and she is eagerly looking forward to participate in various charity events in the future as well.

Our Finnish multi talented beauty moved to Los Angeles in the beginning of the year 2010 and graduated from New York Film Academy’s “Acting on Film”. The land slide of audition calls will surely mean that we all will soon hear great things from our Blond Starlet.

Sonja Farling Resume